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1st-Apr-2020 09:29 am - (Semi-)Friends Only!
My journal is "Friends Only". Well more like semi-friends only, cause some stuff like my fic and random posts will likely stay open, but a lot of it is locked. I still ♥ you all, but there are enough crazies out there to make this necessary! Don't be strangers; just request to add in the comments! : )

And credit to twtd  for the banner!

*Edit: My f-list has been cleaned up and I'm back open for friend-requests!Here's a bit of a disclaimer though.So if you're a cool person and  a non-troll, let me know if you want to be added and I'll get back to you in a jiffy!  ^_^*
18th-Oct-2018 09:53 am - Skins50 Table!
Ha! So I totally got Naomi/Emily for the skins50 comm, and I totally am kind of psyched about it! So I figured rather than procrastinate endlessly and never right anything, I'd go ahead and get started. Peep the table; links to each story will pop up as they're written.</span> The grammar/syntax fail here is beyond embarrassing. I am, however, going to be updating this table fairly soon, yay for that!

01. love 02. hate 03. indifference 04. jealousy 05. misery
06. awkward 07. hurt 08. joy 09. anger 10. bitter
11. frustration 12. high 13. shock 14. regret 15. ignorance
16. wrath 17. greed 18. gluttony 19. envy 20. sloth
21. pride 22. lust 23. heaven 24. hell 25. karma
26. please 27. the choices that we make 28. never forgive, never forget 29. i can't believe this 30. out of my mind
31. elbow 32. hips 33. throat 34. cheek 35. nose
36. first kiss 37. into the dark 38. before sundown 39. after midnight 40. make believe
41. consequence 42. conscious 43. breathe 44. liar 45. blinded
46. writer's choice. 47. writer's choice. 48. writer's choice. 49. writer's choice. 50. writer's choice.
25th-Apr-2012 07:49 am - the consistency of midnight bandit
Holy shit! Was just scanning over my profile page to see when my Paid Membership expired and saw that I hadn't updated my journal since like June of last year. Unacceptable! Anybody from my f-list still around these parts?
Title: Worst Superpower Ever, Ch. 8/? (Is There Nothing Sacred!)
Author: Queen Green
Category: Glee
Summary: Based on this prompt: Rachel is an accidental pervert - she has the unfortunate ability to catch girls in all states of undress or somehow ends up in compromising positions with them constantly. She's gotten used to it, until it starts happening with an alarming frequency with Quinn. Based on a prompt in the Glee Kink Meme. Part of the gleewriteoff 
Pairings: Faberry; Mild Beiste/Rachel (yeah, I went there)
Length: 1300+
Rating: PG-13
A/N: So this is far overdue and way delayed. My apologies completely; real life sort of through me through a loop and I lost track of finishing/posting this. Regardless, I feel like an ass, but hopefully the chapter is worth the wait. If not, I understand if you want to hit me, but please avoid my nose. Also, big thanks to the amazing vsquared_k  for playing beta for this chapter; so grateful! 

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Heya everybody! Despite my declarations of hanging around LJ more this year, I've kind of failed at updating and commenting as much as I'd like. School's been all over my ass, between classes, grad/job apps, and errant internships. But I'm alive! Yay for that. Oh, and I just auditioned for a part in the Vagina Monologues (I felt a random need to inform you all of that)...

Anywho, in the past few months, I've become even more fervently obsessed with Glee and Pretty Little Liars, am still holding out and gritting my way through US!Skins (it's getting better and Tea is definitely my homegirl!), and just beginning to catch up on UK!Skins. All in all, fandom looks poised to take back over my life as soon as I have a moment to breathe. I'm also about a few hours away from posting a chapter of a Glee Round Robin. Edit: just posted my chapter of "Worst Superpower Ever." The whole fic is super-cracky and made of win if you ask me. Go check it out! So yeah, good times!

Also, I have a mild request: I'm planning on redoing my layout in a couple of days, but I really need a new banner and kinda suck at Photoshop these days. Any chance anyone can help me out be creating one for me? Preferably Glee related, featuring Brittany/Santana/Rachel/Quinn (not to be picky or anything)? I would be forever in love with you and send you plenty of virtual cookies!

And because it's relevant to my Glee obsession, I shall leave you with this:

O_O Yeah, I'm just going to stare at my own post for a few minutes.
1st-Dec-2010 05:24 pm - Rachel Berry, I Love You!
So a part of me really wants to rage/rant over how much unwarranted fandom hate the character of Rachel Berry receives, but I'll save that for a different post. Mostly, I just wanted to repost this glee-secret from over at teh Tumblr.

No clue who posted this, but this moment in last night's episode was the moment were I decided that there was nothing the writers could ever do (and believe me, they're trying) to make me hate this character. Maybe it's because I see so much of myself in her (though college has probably tempered me for the most part) or maybe it's just because I know that feeling she described last night, but my heart literally broke a million times over during this scene. I don't know if anyone on my f-list faced serious bullying or something akin to it as a teen, but that feeling she described last night is something that NO ONE should ever have to face. Gawd, I just want to give her a hug right now! Damn you Glee!
So overall fandom fangirls aeryn112 and myself have been talking about putting together a podcast since Skins Series 3, and we finally got our act together and recorded one well over a year later. The show is pretty heavy on Pretty Little Liars, but there's plenty of Naomily/LilyKat convo included too. It's our first show, so it's a little rough around the edges (ignore my heavy breathing) and lacking a solid format (meaning we embrace the art of rambling), but we hope you all like it. We're hoping to make it a weekly/bi-weekly thing. Enjoy and feel free if to include any suggestions for future shows!

Also, we're going to putting together a LEGIT EPIC Naomi v. Emily, Lily v. Kathryn episode in the coming weeks, and we're definitely going to need the fandom's help putting it together. But more details on that as it gets closer!
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16th-Apr-2010 07:27 am - National Day of Silence

So I know my entire f-list is not from the U.S., but today is recognized across the States, in 100s of high school and colleges/universities, as Day of Silence. In observance of this day, students take a vow of silence in order to symbolize the collective and common silence many in the LGBTQQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex) have to face on a daily basis out of fear of reprisal or threat to their safety due to their gender or sexual/affectional expression. Even if you don't take a vow of silence today (it can be for part of the day as well), please at least recognize and respect those who may be. For more information, feel free to visit the linked site. Sometimes you'd be surprised just how loud your silence can be.
So yeah, I finished the whole f-list cut a few days ago and forgot to mention that on a public post. If you're still on my f-list, you should be able to see this post; if you can't you're no longer on my f-list. If you were cut, it's nothing personal, it's just that we don't talk much and I kind of stopped paying attention to your journals cause of the whole lack of interaction. There were also a few people cut because they don't seem to be on LJ much in general, so yeah, sorry about that. If you still want to be friends, feel free to comment here, though I can't guarantee anything. It's also quite possible that I just accidentally cut you (I think I dropped about 18 people altogether, and I'm prone to accidents). Message me if you don't feel comfortable commenting about it.

Hope all is well on teh ElJay and even if you're no longer on my f-list, may our paths cross again amicably in the future! : )
*But first, before I present why my class is awesome, can anyone please help me customize my journal? I'm so rusty on CSS that it's embarrassing!*

Length 7-10 pages, approximate; MLA style

Complete ONE of the assignments listed here:
[Choice A omitted due to the fact that I'm obviously writing option B.]

Choose one of your favorite films of or a film that you think is particularly appropriate for examination through a queer lens. View your chosen film, then “queer” it, i.e., cite classroom readings and discussions, and gather outside research to formulate a queer reading of your film. In your paper, weave in a discussion of what you consider to be the more appropriate scholarly approach for looking at film classics through a queer lens: Number 1 or Number 2, below.

A Little More Description That You Can Click On If You're InterestedCollapse )

1. Academics produce writing that focuses on a close textural reading of the film and related scholarly writing, while avoiding the use of the first person and any other infusion of the author into the writing, whereas
2. Scholar-fans produce writing that reveals the investments that the author has in the film that produced certain readings and that led the author to write about a particular film in the first place.

It's like everything I've done in fandom over the last few years. It's academic-approved slash-goggles!!!!!

Just for lulz, anyone want to offer any suggestions (though I got plenty to go on already)!

Edit: And what did I finally settle of writing about? This movie:

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